All you need to know about NAMPO 2017

NAMPO 2017 with Radium

If you are in the South African agricultural community and have not attended or heard about NAMPO, then you’ve come to the right place. Here is everything you will need to know about this exciting agricultural trade show and all the reasons you should attend.

 What is NAMPO?

The NAMPO Agricultural Trade Show is a four-day exhibition which showcases everything related to the agricultural industry from livestock to computers and farm equipment. Visitors are also treated to practical demonstrations of the various implements and machinery, a feature which distinguishes NAMPO from any other show. NAMPO Park has 80Ha of land – cultivated with different crops – all set aside for this feature, which allows the farmer to view agricultural and farm equipment comparatively under real working conditions.

 When is NAMPO 2017?

 NAMPO 2017 will be taking place from Tuesday, 16 May until Friday, 19 May 2017.

 Where is NAMPO 2017 held?

 The NAMPO Park Exhibition site is situated 16.6km north of Bothaville in the Free State.

Radium at NAMPO 2017 Map How to get to NAMPO 2017?

 It’s easy to find NAMPO Park once you’ve reached Bothaville. Simply head north on the R30 which takes you out of Bothaville. Once you’ve passed Pecan Farm on your right, look out for NAMPO Park also situated on the right just off the R30. The distance from Bothaville to NAMPO Park is 16.6km which takes approximately 10 minutes of travelling time.

 Who is exhibiting at NAMPO 2017?

 NAMPO continues to welcome increasing numbers of exhibitors year-on-year because of positive sales’ reactions, the unique demonstration programme and the high number of visitors – including leaders across the industry. This ensures all sectors of the agricultural input suppliers are represented.

Exhibitor Profile:

  • Tractor and farm implement manufacturers
  • Irrigation industry
  • Transport industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Fertiliser organisations
  • Financial institutions
  • Feed manufacturers
  • Extension services
  • Commercial sectors
  • Agricultural co-operatives
  • Utilities’ representatives
  • Livestock industry

Product Profile:

Tractors, agricultural machinery, commercial vehicles, irrigation equipment, pumps, generators, research organisations, financial services, banking and futures, transport equipment and materials handling, chemical products, feeding systems products and services, seeds, dairy equipment and products, pig, poultry, cattle and sheep equipment and services, hydroponics, artificial insemination equipment, services and products and IT technology for farming.

 What demonstrations will take place at NAMPO 2017?

Setting the NAMPO Agricultural Trade Show apart from other exhibitions are the incredible live demonstrations that take place over the four days. These include:

  • Interactive tractor and farm implement demonstrations
  • Display of pedigree stock of cattle, sheep and purebred horses
  • Grain SA and Omnia Farmer’s patents demonstrations
  • 4×4 vehicle demonstrations
  • Quad demonstrations
  • Sheep shearing, wool classification and handling demonstration
  • Toyota, Veeplaas and Grain SA International Young Auctioneer Competition

A highlight on the programme is certainly the farmers’ patents competition where farmers who have invented, designed or adapted farm equipment as solutions are invited to share these ideas with fellow farmers. No patented products can be entered, but the competition does offer enticing prizes in a variety of categories.

What facilities are available at NAMPO Park?

 NAMPO Park has a variety of facilities directly suited to an exhibition of this scale. Exhibitors can make use of large, open or well-covered stands. Alternatively, exhibitors can erect their own stands. There are water, power, communication, restaurant and ablution facilities available as well as first-aid and firefighting services on standby throughout.

Media are invited to use the NAMPO Agricultural Trade Show’s modern media centre, while visitors are ensured adequate show directions through effective signage and information guides. There is also ease of movement through well-grassed pedestrian walkways and rest area under shady trees.

Exhibitors and visitors have access to ample parking space and a commuter service will connect the NAMPO Park 2017 showground with the Bothaville airport. The site also has a heliport and runway in close vicinity to the northern vehicle parking area.

The site’s exceptional catering facilities promise good food all at reasonable prices. The restaurant facilities are extremely varied and the Fanie Ferreira Hall has seating for 1 200 people with 22 specialised and general takeaway restaurants suited to those on the go. There is also a beer garden on site and a tearoom selling beverages.

 What is the entrance fee for NAMPO 2017?

 Tickets to NAMPO 2017 are available online at or at the gate. Parking is free. The gates open at 7am and close at 5pm daily.

Online entrance fee is:

R85 Tuesday

R95 Wednesday

R95 Thursday

R85 Friday

Gate entrance fee is:

R50 Monday (exhibitors only)

R100 Tuesday

R110 Wednesday

R110 Thursday

R100 Friday

NAMPO 2017 Fast Facts

  • The livestock represented include 31 breeds of cattle, 10 breeds of sheep as well as 3 breeds of horses and 6 breeds of goats.
  • The number of exhibitors increased from 516 in 2000 to more than 650 in 2015.
  • The number of visitors increased from 50 400 in 2000 to 69 584 in 2015.
  • Some 88% of visitors attend NAMPO to view new products.
  • Some 61% of visitors attend NAMPO to buy products.
  • The total exhibitor area is 187 690m2.
  • The exhibitor turnover in 2009 was R1 billion.