The NAMPO Expo

Many role-players in the agriculture industry are looking forward to Grain SA’s NAMPO Expo this year, as it’s an opportunity to discover the most recent trends, machinery and technology in farming across various sectors.

NAMPO is an extremely important event to Radium who are specialists in agricultural and farming machinery.  Radium have been participants for forty years, contributing to expertise in the industry and helping farmers worldwide.

Radium team at Nampo Expo

Where and when will the Nampo Expo be held?

Grain SA’s NAMPO Expo is the largest agricultural technology, machinery, and livestock exhibition in the Southern Hemisphere. This year it takes place from 17-20 May 2016 at the NAMPO grounds near the town of Bothaville in the Free State province of South Afric

How did the NAMPO Expo first come about?

The first NAMPO Expo was held in 1967 on the farm Donkerhoek near Bloemfontein and was attended by 200 agricultural exhibitors. In later years, it was held on different farms, until it became such a popular attraction in the farming community that its organisers needed to secure a larger and more permanent venue to accommodate the growing number of interested exhibitors and visitors. In 1974, the expo was moved to its present site, namely NAMPO Park just outside of Bothaville.

Why is the NAMPO Expo such an exciting and important event for the agricultural sector?

Grain SA’s NAMPO Expo is a vitally important event for all role-players in South Africa’s agricultural sector since it is here that they are exposed to and updated on all the most recent developments in agriculture, whether it be technology, machinery, farming methods or practices in the veterinary field for livestock. Farmers who experience specific concerns or problems, or those who are perhaps interested in new ideas, technology or machinery to improve on existing practices, are assured of receiving expert advice from the various panel discussions and debates, which are an integral aspect of this event. The  number of exhibitors wishing to display, demonstrate and sell their wares at this expo has increased exponentially over the past years to the point that even international exhibitors from the USA, Italy, Denmark, Israel, France, China, Poland and Turkey now participate in the event.

Radium agriculture equipment

What exhibitions and demonstrations van visitors enjoy visiting at the NAMPO Expo?

In addition to the numerous exhibits, there are also exciting demonstration programmes that encourage visitor participation. All known sectors of agricultural are represented at the NAMPO Expo. Some of these include farming vehicles, implements, machinery and technology. One of the popular exhibitions that visitors can look forward to visiting is that by Radium Engineering, a well-respected and recognised company within the agricultural industry of South Africa, as well as beyond its borders. Radium Engineering is a leading specialist when it comes to agricultural and farming equipment because its comprehensive range of quality agricultural machinery continues to prove its reliability, effectiveness and functionality year after year.

Group of Radium employee

“Attending the NAMPO exhibition allows Radium to showcase their outstanding equipment and products while interacting with the community and exchanging thoughts and ideas with specialists and consumers. “ – Grant Roest, Managing Director of Radium Engineering

Other exhibitors who are waiting to welcome visitors to their stands include irrigation equipment producers, seed suppliers, chemical and fertiliser producers, animal health and veterinary experts, animal feed manufacturers, financial institutions and insurance companies, and Eskom, the national electricity supplier. Visitors who want to discover the thrills of livestock farming are invited to spend time relaxing and admiring cattle, sheep, horses, goats and pigs. Visitors are also welcome to chat to livestock breeders who are keen to share their wealth of knowledge and experience.

The NAMPO Expo Programme



08:00 Interactive tractor and implement demonstrations (demonstrations on request). East side of the terrain

08:00 – 17:00 Cattle programme.

Static display of pedigree stock in KK Animal Nutrition Cattle Complex and Dairy Complex

08:00 – 17:00 Sheep programme.

Static display of pedigree stock in the Intervet Sheep Complex

08:00 – 17:00 Purebred programme.

Static display of purebred horses behind the Sheep complex

09:00 Grain SA & Omnia Farmer’s patents.

Judging of Farmers’ Patents on stand 104 (Tuesday only)

10:00 4 x 4 Vehicle demonstrations

Next to stand 152 B

10:00 – 17:00 Toyota Auctioneer Competition presented by VEEPLAAS in collaboration with Grain SA in the Auction Hall

11:00 Sheep programme.

Static display – sheep shearing, wool classification and handling demonstrations in the Intervet Sheep Complex

14:00 Sheep programme.

Static display – sheep shearing, wool classification and handling demonstrations in the Intervet Sheep Complex

14:00 4 x 4 Vehicle demonstrations.

Next to stand 152 B

15:00 Cattle programme.

Pedigree stock parade

16:00 Purebred programme.

Purebred horses’ parade

Entrance Fees

At Gate:

R50     Monday (Exhibitors only)

R90     Tuesday

R100   Wednesday

R100   Thursday

R90     Friday

(Pre-school – Free entrance)


Online: Tickets available on the TicketPro website –      

R80     Tuesday

R90     Wednesday

R90     Thursday

R80     Friday

(Pre-school – Free entrance)