Types of equipment to use in tight spaces

Managing a small-scale farm without sufficient equipment can be frustrating. As much as you’d love to lead a self-sufficient farm without having to tap into the heavy duty equipment and tools, having that extra help is certainly a win-win situation: it’ll give you the ability to cultivate and grow high-quality produce, fast.

While there are so many types of agriculture machinery on the market today, most are designed to transport heavy materials in large, open areas. If you just need something to get you into those tight spaces with ease, here’s some of the basic equipment you’ll need for your farming operations:

  • Compact tractor

A tractor is an essential piece of equipment for any farm. It will get you from A to B, quickly, and you’ll be able to attach several other tools to your tractor for more efficient use. A compact tractor is a must-have for any small farming business. Whether you want to mow the lawn, plough a field, cut weeds or transport feed, this powerful machine will assist you in doing the job. Bear in mind that although they’re the most important piece of equipment for any farm, without farm implements, compact tractors are pretty much useless. Make sure you have the attachments you need to accomplish an endless variety of tasks.

If your land’s terrain is flat and level, you’ll only need to look at a two-wheel drive compact tractor, however, if you’re struggling with a rocky and muddy terrain, then you should look at investing in a four-wheel drive with a little more power. The perks of these compact vehicles are that they’re easier to operate than normally sized tractors, they’re low on fuel, more affordable in price and they take up less space. Not to mention, they’re versatile in farming operations which is just what you need. A good rule of thumb is to also ensure that you have a tractor trailer to assist with the transportation of heavy goods.

  • Manure spreaders

Spreading equipment are must-have tools for farmers who are growing crops. It’s impractical to do it by hand and the time you spend doing so could be used more effectively in other farming activities. Spreaders come in handy when you need to get into tiny places, while still being able to spread your material evenly. Your manure needs to be spread across the designated area according to its weight and the land size. If you do not give your soil the right amount of nutrients, you’re reducing the amount of organic matter in the soil which will affect your crop growth. This also influences the drainage and microbial activity as well, so make sure you spread your manure evenly and slowly for the best outcome.

  • Sprayers

For effective crop production, a sprayer machine has become an essential piece of equipment for any farm owner. These machines work according to a sprayer programme, applying each crop area with the right amount of chemicals to control weeds, insects and diseases, to help give your crops an opportunity for high yields. Depending on your land area, it may be something you can do manually in the initial stages, but the bigger your production gets, the better you’d want your harvest to be. Before you decide against it, consider the frequency of spraying versus the manual time and effort.

  • Rotary cutters

Hand or mobile weeders are practical for smaller spaces, however, they can be time-consuming. Farm owners should consider a machine rotary cutter that can connect to your compact trailer. Of course, the type of cutter you choose for your farming operations is directly related to how often you’ll be using it, but if you’re already having problems with weed infestations, make sure you find something that gets rid of them for good. You’ll be surprised at how much time and energy is wasted in manual weeding.

Final words

Your equipment essentials depend on your needs. While the above-mentioned variety might seem overwhelming at first, over time, they will all come in handy. It is highly recommended that you choose your brand and equipment partner wisely. During harvest time, time pressures are at their peak, therefore a machine needs to be reliable. While it might sound daunting, there are many agricultural financing companies that can help with your farming needs. You can also invest in used farm equipment for sale.

If you do not have any experience in farming, speak to other farmers in the area to find out more about their equipment, as you’ll be able to benefit from their advice without having to make those rookie mistakes yourself. They will give you all the farming tips you need to run a successful business.