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Precision Grooming with Ease

Unleash the full potential of your arena with our Tractor-Compatible Radium Arena Rake. This innovative grooming solution is equipped with front and rear twisted bar rollers for lower vibration and quieter operation. It features three rows of S-tines and finishing rods for a more consistent and even finish, ensuring top-notch grooming results. With dual steering and transport lock for improved maneuverability, it's the ideal choice for most compact, small, and medium-sized tractors. Elevate your equestrian game with Radium!

Product Features

Product Images

Technical Specifications

All figures, data and facts about this machine. Standard equipment, dimensions, performance and much more.

Standard Equipment

  • Front & rear twisted bar rollers

  • Three rows of s-tines & finishing rods

  • Swivel Auto-locking hitch

Model Specifications

Working Width

Overall Weight

No. of Tines

No. of Finishing Rods

Max Degree of Steering

Tine Spacing







Optional Equipment

  • Rear smooth roller

  • 4 Rows of s-tines



suitable for most compact, small - medium sized tractors

Unleash the full potential of your arena with the Radium Tractor-Compatible Arena Rake. This grooming solution is equipped with advanced features to ensure precision grooming and a consistently smooth riding surface.

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