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Dual Tine Ripper

Tillage Excellence Redefined and Uunearthed

Unleash the power of precision with Radium Engineering's Dual Tine Ripper. Engineered for deep-rip traffic control, our tillage machine redefines efficiency, reducing energy consumption by 40%. Experience optimal root zones and consistent crop growth with cutting-edge features. Explore customization options for tailored performance.

Product Features

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Technical Specifications

All figures, data and facts about this machine. Standard equipment, dimensions, performance and much more.

Standard Equipment

  • Robust Frame Construction: high-grade square and rectangular tubing reinforced with steel plates, ensures that torque and stresses are evenly distributed across the frame.  The unique design and shank trip assemblies prevent breakages.

  • Customized Row Spacing: according to the planter or the row widths of the crops allows the machine and the planter to work in the same zone.

  • Hardened Bushes on the Tine Clamp: prevent elongation where the shear bolts and swivel bolts are attached ensuring the shear angle remains constant and true.

  • Universal 3-point Hitches: are welded onto the frame and reinforced, meeting international ISO standards with settings to adjust the top pin to switch between standard- and quick-hitch linkage.

Model Specifications

No. Of Rows

Row Spacing (mm/inch)

Depth Control Wheels

Hitch (cat.)

Width (mm/inch)

Length (mm/inch)

Length With Roller (mm/inch)

Length With Coulters & Roller (mm/inch)

Height (mm/inch)

Weight (kg/lbs)

Weight With Rollers (kg/lbs)

Weight With Coulters & Roller (kg/lbs)

Weight with Coulters, Row Closers & Rollers (kg/lbs)

Tractor Power Req. (kw/hp)



2 X 6.00 X 16.0


1648 (64-7/8)

1914 (75-3/8)

3065 (120-11/16)

3225 (126)

1925 (75-3/4)

426 (939)

498 (1098)

531 (1171)

577 (1272)


Optional Equipment

  • Third Shank: 1200mm can be added behind the two front shanks for an extra working depth of up to 1000mm.

  • Row Closers: follows each tine to close up any furrows left by the tilling operations.   It builds up the soil to compensate for over settling after the rains and ensures an even and level seedbed.

  • Individual Cage Rollers: work on the tilled zone and ensures a level and smooth seedbed for the planter.

  • Leister Markers: positioned behind the machine to make guiding furrows.  The wheels of the planting tractor run in these furrows as a form of guidance.

  • Hydraulic Markers: can be placed on the side of the machine to mark the next line the tractor needs to follow to ensure symmetrical rows.


Dual Tine Ripper

Radium Engineering: Cultivating Excellence, One Rip at a Time.

Experience the future of agriculture with Radium Engineering's Dual Tine Ripper. Cultivate excellence, enhance efficiency, and witness transformative tillage practices that elevate your crop growth. Join us in redefining precision in every field.

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