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High Speed In-line Disc

Precision in Every Harrow

Unlock a new era of efficient tillage with our state-of-the-art High-Speed Inline Disc Harrow. Engineered with precision and innovation, this compact and robust machine is a game-changer for farmers seeking superior performance in tillage equipment.

Product Features

Product Images

Technical Specifications

All figures, data and facts about this machine. Standard equipment, dimensions, performance and much more.

Standard Equipment

  • Compact and Robust Frame Design

  • Greater Accessibility during Services

  • Maintenance-Free Bearings

  • Individually Spring Loaded Disc-Units

  • Vertical and Horizontal Disc Angles

  • Adjustable Depth Control

  • Finisher Roller

  • CAT 2 or CAT 3 Three-Point Mounted Hitches

  • Working Speeds: 8-16 km/h (depending on work depth)

  • Working Depth: 50-125mm

Model Specifications


No. Of Disc

Disc Spacing (mm/inch)

Disc Size (mm/inch)

Hitch (cat.)

Working Width (mm/inch)

Working Depth (mm/inch)

Width (mm/inch)

Length (mm/inch)

Height (mm/inch)

Weight (kg/lbs)

Weight Per Disc (kg/lbs)

Tractor Power Req. (kw/hp)



280 (11)

540/5 (21-1/4(5)

III Narrow

2240 (88-3/16)

20/100 (3/4-3-15/16)

2860 (112-9/16)

2750 (108-1/4)

1200 (47-1/4)

1500 (3306)

65 (143)


Optional Equipment

  • None – Our High-Speed Inline Disc Harrow comes fully equipped with everything you need for efficient and versatile tillage. No need to worry about additional options; we've designed it to meet all your requirements.

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Inline Disc

Experience Precision Tillage with Radium's High-Speed Inline Disc

Step into the future of tillage innovation with Radium Engineering. Adjustable depth control, maintenance-free bearings, and a compact frame redefine your farming experience. It's innovation, plowing forward.

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