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Tilling Tomorrow's Harvests Today

Unlock the full potential of your agricultural endeavors with Radium Engineering's Powertill, a revolutionary tool designed to redefine efficiency in soil cultivation. Our engineering prowess meets agricultural innovation to bring you a powerhouse of features that elevate your farming experience.

Product Features

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Technical Specifications

All figures, data and facts about this machine. Standard equipment, dimensions, performance and much more.

Standard Equipment

  • Four-Lever Trip Mechanism: Trip at 7 Kn force on the point, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

  • Optional Shear Bolt Shank Protection: Customize your Powertill for added durability and protection.

  • Edge-On (25mm Thick) Shank: Reducing Kw requirements for enhanced efficiency and power conservation.

  • Shear Options: Choose from 50mm to 450mm Hammer Head or Vee Sweeps shears, tailoring your Powertill to your specific needs.

  • Versatile Working Depth: Achieve optimal results with working depths ranging from 100mm to 300mm, adaptable to various soil types.

Model Specifications

No. Of Shanks

Shank Spacing (mm/inch)

Hitch (cat.)

Working Width (mm/inch)

Width (mm/inch)

Length (mm/inch)

Length With Roller (mm/inch)

Height (mm/inch)

Weight (kg/lbs)

Weight With Roller (kg/lbs)

Depth Control Wheels

Tractor Power Req. (kw/hp)


400 (15-3/4)

III Narrow

2000 (78 -3/4)

2200 (115)

2200 (86-2/3)

3000 (118-1/5)

1350 (53-1/5)

900 (1985)

1200 (2645)

2 x 6.0 x 16.00

65 (87)

Optional Equipment

  • 400mm Tine Pitch on 2-Bar Frames: Enhance your Powertill with a versatile tine pitch for maximum adaptability.

  • Standard Depth Control Wheels: Precision control at your fingertips, ensuring consistent performance across all modules.

  • Jump Height of 300mm: Conquer varied terrains with ease, thanks to an impressive jump height.

  • Robust Frame Construction: Built with a 100mm square tube frame for durability and longevity.

  • Extendable Frames: Basic frames are extendable with add-on extensions, providing flexibility for evolving agricultural needs.



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Discover the synergy of efficiency and precision as you navigate the fields with ease. Explore our range of tillage equipment and find the perfect fit for your farming needs. Radium Engineering - Where Every Turn Leads to Progress in Agriculture.

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