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Built to Boost Your Efficiency

When it comes to spreading materials on your farm, the BulkSpread by Radium Engineering is your reliable partner for heavy-duty work. With its exceptional 1000mm chain conveyor and an ample bin capacity, this cutting-edge machine lets you extend your working hours while handling large-scale spreading tasks with ease. Whether it's organic materials, moderate fertilization, or heavy applications of lime and gypsum, the BulkSpread delivers outstanding performance.

Product Features

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Technical Specifications

All figures, data and facts about this machine. Standard equipment, dimensions, performance and much more.

Standard Features

  • High-Quality Construction: Our painted mild steel bin and chassis construction, along with a high-grade tubing chassis, offer strength and flexibility during operation.

  • Hitch Safety Chain: A precautionary measure in case of hitch or tractor drawbar issues.

  • Robust Parking Jack: Simplifies hitching and detachment.

  • S-Design Drawbar: Enables sharp turns for improved maneuverability.

  • CAT 3 Ball-Swivel Hitch: Achieve greater maneuverability in all directions between the machine and your tractor.

  • High Flotation Wheels: Improve tracking and reduce compaction, ensuring smooth operation.

  • Durable Imported Axles: Our axles conform to CE and European standards, guaranteeing quality.

  • Detachable Axles: Customize your machine with ease by bolting on different axle sizes.

  • Integrated Grid: Incorporate an integrated grid for improved functionality.

Model Specifications

Load Capacity (kg/lbs)

Capacity (㎥/ft)

Empty Weight (kg/lbs)

Req. Oil Flow (l/min gal/min)

3 Speed Ground Related Gearbox

Hydraulic Drive Gearbox

Axel (mm/inch)


Tractor Power Req. (kw/hp)

A - Overall Length (mm/inch)

B - Drawbar Length (mm/inch)

C - Bin Length (mm/inch)

D - Rear Section Length (mm/inch)

E - Overall Width (mm/inch)

F - Bin Width (mm/inch)

G - Wheel Centres (mm/inch)

H - Overall Height (mm/inch)

I - Hitch Height (mm/inch)

J - Axle Height (mm/inch)

11000 (24251)

8 (283)

2600 (5732)

50 (13.2)



90 (3-1/2)

2 x 560/60 R 22.5

105 (140)

6490 (255-1/2)

1948 (76-11/16)

3606 (141-15/16)

932 (36-11/16)

2510 (98-7/8)

2200 (86-5/8)
1950 (76-3/4)

2493 (98-3/16)

496±50 (19-1/2±2)

621 (24-7/16)

Optional Features

  • 3CR12 Bin Construction: Opt for this option for an extended lifespan, especially when dealing with mildly corrosive materials or in wetter climates where rust and corrosion are common.

  • 304 Stainless Steel Bin: For highly corrosive materials in coastal regions, the 304 stainless steel bin construction is the ideal choice. It lasts up to 20 times longer than mild steel, ensuring longevity and reliability.

  • Stand-alone Hydraulic Power Pack (PTO): Add a power pack to enhance versatility in the field.

  • Rear Belt Attachment: Further customize your machine with a rear belt attachment.

  • Orchard/Vineyard Spreading Kit: Specialized kits for viticulture and horticultural practices are available.

  • Single Channel Isobus Kit: Opt for single-channel Isobus compatibility for efficient data exchange.

  • Dual Channel Isobus Kit: For even greater connectivity and control, choose the dual-channel Isobus kit.

  • Camera Package: Enhance visibility with our camera package.

  • Flood Light Package: Ensure productivity in low-light conditions with our flood light package.

  • Road Light Package: Improve safety with the road light package.

  • Tarpaulin Kit: Protect your materials with a tarpaulin kit.

  • Weighing System Kit: Gain precise control with the weighing system kit.

Screenshot 2023-12-06 at 21.00.05.jpg


Discover Heavy-Duty Spreading Excellence

Invest in Radium Engineering's BulkSpread for unparalleled performance and efficiency on your farm. Contact us today to learn more or request a quote.

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