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Universal Grader

Pioneering Excellence in Grading

Discover unparalleled versatility and efficiency with the Universal Grader, Radium Engineering's flagship tractor-drawn road grader. Revolutionizing the industry, this grader seamlessly blends cutting-edge technology with ergonomic design to deliver optimal performance.

Product Features

Product Images

Technical Specifications

All figures, data and facts about this machine. Standard equipment, dimensions, performance and much more.

Standard Features

  • Five-Lever Hydraulic Control Valve: Navigate with ease using the five-lever Hydraulic Control Valve, ensuring swift and precise operations directly from the operator's chair.

  • Hydraulic Lift & Tilt: Effortlessly adjust blade tilt with the Hydraulic Lift and Tilt system, while Hydraulic Angling enables on-the-fly modifications for deeper cutting or increased load removal.

  • Hydraulic Steering: Conquer diverse landscapes with Hydraulic Steering, Weighted Blade Box, and Ballasted Wheel Arms, ensuring optimal performance on any surface.

  • Hydraulic Blade Angling: Swap cutting edges seamlessly with the Reversible Cutting Edges, optimizing blade wear for consistent sharpness.

  • 5 Shank Scarifier: Controlled from the operator's seat, effortlessly handles hard ground or compacted materials, ensuring perfection in every pass.

  • Perfect Hitch System: Enjoy unparalleled mobility with the Perfect Hitch System, allowing a greater degree of movement between the Universal Grader and your tractor.

  • Operator Safety Chair: Prioritize safety with the strategically positioned Operator's Safety Chair, equipped with safety belts and armrests for optimal control access.

  • Weighted Blade Box

  • Ballasted Wheel Arms

Model Specifications

Blade Width (mm/inch)

Transport Width (mm/inch)

Transport Length (mm/inch)

Height (mm/inch)

Weight (kg/lbs)



Blade Angle

Tractor Power Req. (kw/hp)

3000 (118-1/8)

2300 (90-1/2)

6200 (244-1/8)

1300 (51-3/16)

2500 (5512)

2 X 7.50 X 16.0


0° - 45°

82 (110)

Optional Equipment

  • Box Plate Attachment


Universal Grader

Step into a new era of grading proficiency with the Universal Grader.

Ready to redefine your grading experience? Request a quote for the Universal Grader today and experience precision like never before. Elevate your projects with Radium Engineering's commitment to excellence.

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