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Rock WindRower

Discover Precision in Rock Management

Our Pivoting Rock Windrower is the epitome of efficiency in rock management. From small to medium rocks, roots, stumps, to debris, this powerhouse does it all. The windrowing action not only organizes rocks into neat, uniform rows but also tackles land unevenness with its roto-tilling prowess.

Product Features

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Technical Specifications

All figures, data and facts about this machine. Standard equipment, dimensions, performance and much more.

Standard Equipment

  • Ultra-Narrow Transport: Effortlessly move the windrower from field to field with its compact transport width.

  • Versatile Windrowing: Tackle rocks ranging from 5-69cm, creating orderly rows for easy pick-up by our rock picker.

  • Durable Construction: Built to withstand the toughest conditions, our windrower boasts a heavy-duty PTO drive line, complete with a slip clutch and shear bolt arrangement for optimal protection.

  • Ground-Following Precision: The patented floating drum arrangement ensures superior ground-following characteristics, adapting to varying terrains seamlessly.

  • Longevity Assured: Enclosed final drive chain extends the service life, showcasing the rugged construction that rural municipalities and counties rely on for gravel reclamation.

  • Optimized Drum Performance: The heavy-duty windrow drum, crafted from high tensile strength steel tube, guarantees problem-free operation, even in challenging conditions.

  • Controlled Drum Speed: The reduced drum speed, down to 117rpm from a 540rpm PTO input, ensures precise and controlled operation.

Model Specifications

Hydraulic Req. (l/min/gal/min)

Ground Speed Req. (kmh/mph)


Working Width (mm/inch)

Transport Width (mm/inch)

Transport Length (mm/inch)

Transport Height (mm/inch)

Weight (kg/lbs)

Required PTO RPM

Tractor Power Req. 9kw/hp)

25 (6.6) @ 125 bar

3 (2)

16.5/6.5 X 8

2215 (88-5/8)

2591 (102)

1702 (67)

1250 (49-1/4)

613 (1350)


30/75 (35/100)

Optional Equipment

  • No options to show.


Rock WindRower

Pivoting Rock Windrower: Precision in Agricultural Rock Management

Ready to redefine your farming experience? Invest in the future of agriculture with Radium's Pivoting Rock Windrower. Contact us today for a consultation and discover how precision, efficiency, and durability can elevate your fields. Let's innovate together.

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